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  1. That may be so, Paul (and thanks for that link – the deluded nature of apologists never ceases to fascinate me), but ultimately 1 Timothy 2:12 is a way for God to proclaim “STFU, woman!”

    I do love the apologist argument from that link:

    // When this was presented to the larger group a lively discussion ensued,
    // the consensus being that this verse often functions as a “conversation stopper”.

    Uh, yeah – exactly as intended.

    // Did Paul really intend to drop a bomb that would forever exclude women from all levels of church leadership?//

    Uh, yes, that is exactly what Paul intended, and it’d be par for the course for a known misogynist and Paul’s troubled relationship to women. Yet, here’s this group of women, extolling how inclusive and Paul allegedly was.

    Just look at the traditionally patriarchal nature of middle-eastern culture, and particularly the male dominated sausagefest of these cultures – and subtract 2,000 years of semi-cultural evolution. Paul, the feminist ? Please, don’t make me laugh.

    (Paul/Saul – not Paul Cahill, obviously)

  2. Though possibly Deborah might school us that Paul’s misogynistic writings were actually empowering to women? Not sure.

  3. Ah, ok – so the subjugation and oppression of women is actually a good thing, and a demonstration of Paul’s love for women. Is that it ? 😉

  4. So, after that schism, we’d be left with competing churches, locked in deadly combat for millennia. Kinda like Islam.

    Good thing to keep the women out of it 😉

  5. Hey, no talking back. 1 Timothy 2:12. Ha!

    … and fetch me a lemonade / beer. Bwahaha.

    Damn this is nice. I think I’ll convert. 😉

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