Good reasons why you should just not listen to celebrities weigh in on, well pretty much anything.

15 June 2015 6 Celebrities Who Believe The Weirdest Shit Some celebrities just think a little differently than most. Kit Bowen 1. Kylie Jenner believes we are all being slowly poisoned by “chemtrails.” — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) May 26, 2015 Source: — Kylie Jenner (@Kyl…

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  1. You’re assuming the cray-cray people accept the authority of the skeptics dictionary, Pierre… 😉

  2. Well played, Pierre! “Aziz, light'”

    “Well it’s a sign of decadence if the regular slobs don’t pay attention to the experts who put in all that effort and study. What the HECK is going on?” – just had that sort of debate with an anti-vaxxer “yeah, but scientists aren’t always right, so they could be wrong for everything that disagrees with my uninformed viewpoints”

    You make a strong argument in favor of 1930s style disciplinarianism…

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