This is the problem :

“So why in the world would she support Bevin and vote to undermine her own interests? ā€œIā€™m just a die-hard Republican,ā€ the woman said.”

Die-Hard? More like die-easy.

A 36-year-old Kentuckian says without Medicaid expansion, her family faces “a big problem.” So why did she vote for the anti-Medicaid expansion candidate?

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  1. I just think it funny that those same people are now on record stating “if he actually does what he said he would do, I will lose my Medicare and that could result in my death.”

    My favorite comment is “I don’t think he understands…” followed by “I voted for him because I’m a die-hard republican”

    No, lady, you’re a complete moron. (yes, redundant, in this case)

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