THIS is the answer, and what the US should do. Mandate all new rooftops, provide generous incentives for existing rooftops, particularly commercial buildings within cities.

A new law recently passed in France mandates that all new buildings that are built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants

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  1. Actually, it would be better – having a layer of dirt on top would provide better insulation. The problem is making sure the root systems don’t destroy your house and roof.

  2. The problem with Southern California, regarding green rooftops, is that plants and grass need …. WATER – which currently we are not allowed to use because of ZOMFG DROUGHT!!!!

    The smart design would be to recycle grey water from the household to use for watering, while also capturing and recycling the water run off from the watering, to recycle it back. That way, the only water lost would be lost to evaporation.

    Still, this sort of design requires a level of design intelligence that, quite frankly, doesn’t exist around here.

    It WOULD be something worthwhile to research and pursue a grant for….

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