(grabs popcorn)

Things are going to get somewhat interesting, now, I gather.

A photo of Jordan’s King Abdullah quickly went viral, showing him in a military uniform after vowing to attack ISIS to avenge the brutal execution of a captured Jordanian pilot.

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  1. I see nothing within that link that would make me change my point of view, nor anything that appears not apropos…

  2. Certainly looks like a better place than Texas… that said, I’m sure certain regulations are in place to stifle dissent against the royal house, and other are left in place to shut up the primitives amongst the populations.

    They can’t all make revolutionary changes with the speed of the Shah of Iran. The King seems pretty well western friendly (he even likes Star Trek and was a guest star on Star Trek TNG), so maybe there’s some decent hope… At least to be better than Texas.

  3. Wait a sec – this Muslim family ENVIES the ability to perform honor killings? They would want their daughter killed?

  4. Wow.

    Why did this family leave the safety of their original home country, then? Back there, I’m sure, she’d be a good muslim.

  5. As always, placing women ahead of the curve – as is commonly the case with repressive systems. In that manner, extremist Islam cuts its own head off.

  6. … and because anything resembling ‘reform’ is strictly verboten, eventually it will kill itself, and condemn itself to effectively marginalization and disappearance – relegated to underdeveloped countries, as it pretty much is already.

  7. Oh I have no doubt there will eventually be reform – but not until the current regime in Iran falls and its leaders’ corpses hang in public places, their bones picked by birds.

  8. Well, maybe you should look a little bit more, and specifically look at more than just pretty pictures. Hard to do, probably, as long as that civil rights stuff distracts you. You might also become aware that this is a different, non-western country and culture.

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