‘Cleric’ – ’nuff said, right?

He basically ‘discovered’ that the sun orbits the Earth. Have you stopped laughing yet?

A Saudi Arabian cleric has made a groundbreaking discovery that could redefine science in the 21st century –- the Earth does not rotate. What’s more, the sun is …

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  1. “Reported by al Arabiya, the Sheikh replied that Earth is “stationary and does not move,” explaining his research by noting that airplanes would not be able to reach their destination were the Earth spinning on its axis.”

  2. Clearly, Britton is a good Muslim and studied the prophet (PUPU).

    Yeah, I really should post an oldie but goodie chat with a Muslim kid from a while back – Allah, apparently, is the only force that holds the stars up, and prevents them from falling on the earth. I bet you didn’t know that – or that they are small, hot embers ( how could they be any bigger if they look so small).

    I really sometimes pity these people.

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