“Religion isn’t harmful” – it’s always interesting asking really religious people what would they do if their God asked them to kill their children.

Go ahead, try it. You’ll get a lot of avoidance, deflection, and sudden “oh I’ll have to get back to you”. I’m owed quite a few answers, still.

If you can’t quickly and swiftly answer that question – then maybe you should seriously review your beliefs.

(yes, I know newsthump is satire)

An Australian couple has said they will kill their own children if the Australian courts recognise the rights of gay couple to adopt.

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  1. Oh, the article? Sure.

    It just raised the thoughts I attached to it, which aren’t.

    Seriously, go ask that question to people who are serious about their religion. It’s a favorite question that I ask proselytizer or Jehovah’s witnesses.

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