Another ‘must see’ that probably none of you have seen,…

Another ‘must see’ that probably none of you have seen, but you should make an effort to find it, and watch it.


When a man chases after a naked woman he sees in the woods, he inadvertently finds himself wrapped up in a time paradox. Upon attempting to rectify his actions, he only adds to a cycle of repeating events, pitting him against multiple past copies of himself.

Taking a simplistic low tech approach to time travel (a la Primer), Timecrimes is a truly cerebral experience where the main character’s disorienting spiral is able to maintain high levels of drama and suspense with an absolute minimalist approach to action and special effects.

Timecrimes didn’t see a theatrical release outside of Spain — where its box office numbers only hit half a million dollars — but it is very widely regarded by fans and critics alike, even garnering the Best Picture award at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

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