— Apple Blunders —

With the iPhone X, Apple has started to slightly mislead in the reporting of their sales numbers, and continued to do so in their latest keynote.

They have sold a significantly smaller percentage of their premium product (with the iPhone X) than ever before, and the only reason they could claim an increase in iPhone sales, and an increase in revenues is for the iPhone 7 and 8 carrying the bulk of that increase, as well as the 30% increase in price for their premium product. By claiming a 10% increase in revenues in their premium space, you can pretty much deduct that they have experienced a contraction of 20% in sales in that space.

Which hasn’t happened before.

This year, with them doubling down on the error from last year, they are hoping to force their customers into these newer models, by effectively not offering much of any alternatives.

Which will be a mistake, in my opinion.

Ultimately, sales numbers will tell.

As a single-case example – I used to purchase the latest model every year.


I am now continuing to use my iPhone 7, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


I don’t like or want an ever larger iPhone. They even discontinued the iPhone SE (which, had it been upgraded, I would be using right now)

Of those available iPhones, the XS is the only one that I might consider – it has the better camera, and is the ‘smallest’ of the bunch.

… and I want to use dual-SIM functionality, since I travel a lot.

… but I want the model with actual two SIM slots (since none of the carriers that I need it for, support eSIMs)

Which is only available in China.

Except … only for the XS Max and the XR models.

Not for the XS.

I’ll keep using my iPhone 7, I guess.

Apple loses out for another year.

And so it goes.

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