Hans – you are spot on about your earlier opinion regarding the headphone jack, and how dropping it is a very good idea for Apple.


It’s fascinating how totally divisive this issue is, including some friends claiming “this is the final straw that will drive me to Android” — a position I don’t understand (albeit I’m sure some people will do so).

While I disagree with the author of the article that Apple will package some beats headphone with the iPhone with Lightning Audio, I believe they will simply include the regular EarPods, with lightning connectors — and make a lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter available (which should be priced at $9.99, but will probably be priced at $19.99, or $29.99 – I have no doubt Chinese copies will proliferate around $5-$7)

While the entire line of beats headphones will switch to Lightning versions.

Apple may well kill off the headphone socket, so here’s how it can turn that into a massive victory

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  1. First of all, I believe Apple doesn’t care about better battery life – they will pride themselves on making the battery thinner, even if they got rid of all internal components.

    While I agree with you regarding the quality of small earbuds, Apple’s EarPods are in the top of that class in terms of sound quality and fit comfort. Wether you’d hear a difference is debatable, though.

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