Back to some KFC musings, ok? Lots of his supporters…

Back to some KFC musings, ok? Lots of his supporters suggest he should do this, or that, and remove corporate subsidies, or make churches pay taxes, to ‘explain’ how Berniegasms should be funded.

Here’s what those kids don’t understand – the President doesn’t just “cut corporate subsidies” or “make religious organizations pay taxes” – as much as I’d like to see that myself, POTUS doesn’t wave a magic wand to make things happen.

While this might come as a surprise to some of you, but we don’t live in Hogwarts, and politics doesn’t work by magic.

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  1. This was about certain of his supporters being disconnect from reality in their ‘suggestions’. For starters, she’s not going to waste her time on any Ayn Rand suggestions.

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