“The tourist was identified as Mei Ji and had arrived via a flight from Jakarta, the airport authority said. It added that he had refused to wait inside a room, refused to follow orders from airport and police officials, refused to speak to a translator, continually insulted and cursed out officials and police and refused to speak with any supervisor or superior. It also stated that he attempted to escape or “run” through Passport Control several times.”

Sorry, but right there he amply deserved to be clobbered.

“He was later deported and it was found that his paperwork was indeed false and he had no valid VISA to enter Thailand”

I would hope that the government has subsequently apologized to the airport management, and that the guard was reinstated with a bonus or pay raise…

… oh, what’s that? That didn’t happen?

Quelle surprise.

Bangkok- China is Thailand’s biggest source of tourists, making up about a quarter of its 35 million annual visitors. However, a boating disaster on the popular island of Phuket in July that killed dozens of Chinese vacationers has caused a drop-off in visits and put Thailand on alert for problems…

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