It seems everyone has developed amnesia – have we forgotten that, prior to meeting with the US envoy, KJU flew out to meet with (his handlers) in China and Russia?

That it’s not coincidental that he agreed to a US meeting after that meeting?

That North Korea has done the fake “meeting and agreeing to denuclearization” several times before, in order for sanctions to be dropped, shopping for more nuclear equipment, and then resuming their nuclear efforts?

That part of the reason for the meeting might very well be to prop up Trump and the Trump admin in an election year, to further manipulate US voters and undermine our democratic system?

Yet, suddenly, all that is forgotten, for the pyrrhic prospect of a “peace” carrot being dangled in front of some people.

Beijing fears that a grand deal with the North’s longtime enemies could diminish its influence over Pyongyang, experts said.

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