Yep – and that’s exactly what it’s about … She needs 92 more delegates, and YES, WE ARE COUNTING SUPER-DELEGATES, because they count.

92 more delegates – she’ll get those even by losing CA – and it’s over for Bernie. Over. Finis. The End.

Bernie Sanders is sticking around to fight, but the reality is that Hillary Clinton is less than 100 delegates away from clinching the Democratic nomination.

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  1. There’s an isolated poll that claims she can’t beat Trump, which all the BernBots repeat, as they are wont to do – this one is also often take to claim Trump has a lead on her.

    Of course, most polls with credibility have her leaving Trump between 15-25 points.

    Either this way, this far out, polls about the general election mostly are just fantasies…. particularly the ones claiming Sanders can beat him easier and by a wider lead.

    Yeah, the guy that benefitted from being coddled during the primaries, yet who carries heavy baggage, is claimed to beat Trump — because, you know, Trump will be all nice and not say anything negative.

    Seriously, the utter delusional stupidity of BernBots when it comes to their parroting without thought is just ridiculous.

  2. Yes, George Bush twice.


    In 2000, it was Gore. A terrible choice as a choice.
    In 2004, it was Kerry – just as terrible a choice, and Bush was a wartime president (who always get re-elected)

    Simple dynamics.

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