This is the point BernieBots don’t seem to understand – the remaining 48 aren’t like New Hampshire/Vermont, and Bernie’s continued repetition of the ‘socialist’ trope makes him unelectable in these states.

“Voting your Conscience” is cute, until it doesn’t get your guy elected, but instead hurts the overall standing of the Democrats and the candidate who can and will get elected.

Bernie Sanders would lose Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other swing states, Sen. Claire McCaskill told NBC News on Wednesday.

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  1. (rolls eyes).

    This is almost funny how you folks just keep your heads in the sand – but hey, be my guest. Your ‘polls’ are all limited to New Hampshire and Vermont.

  2. Chris actually says that WITH the facts, because he understands how to differentiate worthless to relevant polls.

    Go read (which is funny that nearly all BernieFans ruse to look there).

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