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  1. Danielle, notice, also, how I deliberately anonymize do the statements author, not even revealing the gender. Of course, that’s over now. Yes, I get that it was self-deprecating, and it was very charming – in fact, I was serious when I said that it made me respect her position.

    It’s just that her statement so perfectly fits so many of other Christians, that I just had to share it in this manner.

    P.S. Yes, I’m a brat.

  2. Not knowing the circumstances, I can’t give you an answer why you “made it out” and why so many others didn’t. Instead, let me ask you, instead, *why* did so many others not make it, then? Did they believe in the wrong God? Did they believe in the wrong Christ?

    How about those who made it out that don’t believe? Were they part of that day’s ‘special divine quota of non believers’ to be spared?

    How about plane crashes? A certain number of people on planes that are going down will be praying. Another portion of passengers won’t be praying. The plane still crashes. They all die?

    I am very glad that you and Lisa made it out alive of whatever adversities you had to face, but I can assure you that gods had little to nothing to do with your beneficial outcomes.

  3. While it might be a stretch to know all that is possible, it is easier to limit all that is NOT possible – which is my point.

  4. Simplest comparison – I would have died as a child, several times. Burst appendix, and after the emergency surgery, botched and infected wound. If not for the antibiotics that my Dad insisted on (and doctors initially felt were not necessary) I would not be typing these words.

    To someone who doesn’t comprehend medicine or biology, these events might appear miraculous. Understanding them makes them less so.

  5. “You are atheists, and I believe in God” – what god? Define and explain the nature of this god, please?

    (or is it just a placeholder for “that which I can’t explain?)

  6. Point is, I have never seen anything indicating even remotely the interference or existence of a supreme sort of God-entity. I am more likely to believe that our entire existence is part of a simulation within a computer program (making the programmer ‘god’) than some naturally existing do responsible for all creation, just not their own 😉

  7. Maybe if you explained what that ‘something extraordinary’ is, it would help us understand it – maybe some of us know what it is, maybe we don’t.

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