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  1. Arkansas – Clinton
    Georgia – Clinton
    Massachusetts – Clinton
    Oklahoma – Clinton (close race)
    Tennessee – Clinton
    Texas – Clinton
    Vermont – Sanders (overwhelming)
    Virginia – Clinton

    In all but Oklahoma, she has a greater than 99% chance of winning with a greater than 30% to 60% lead

    In Oklahoma it will be closer to 55% Clinton, 45% Sanders.

    Wanna tally up how many delegates that results in?

  2. Texas alone has 222 delegates to pass out to Clinton. Georgia has 116 delegates. Virginia has 110 delegates. There is a total of 888 delegates up for grabs.

    With the 450+ delegates Hillary already has, that is enough to basically catapult her to win the needed 1,237 delegates. The Vermonth delegates are irrelevant, in that case, to add to Sanders’ 10 delegates.

    Do the math. Seriously.

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