I can’t stress this enough – CHIROPRACTORS ARE **NOT** REAL DOCTORS.
Go to a real doctor, or the ER, if you suffered a head or neck injury!

Pseudo-Medicine kills!

Blond bombshell model Katie May’s fatal stroke came after she fell during a photo shoot in Los Angeles, a report revealed Friday.

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  1. It’s so easy to figure out what quacks they are. I have slight scoliosis in my spine due to having a 1/3rd vertebrae too many – so these ‘bone doctors’ are always willing to ‘evaluate’ you. I was at a chiropractor convention in Vegas (not on purpose, mind you) and literally every single one wanted to ‘evaluate’ me.

    Every single one concluded “you have excellent posture and the have a great skeletal structure. Everything is in order.”

    Except for one guy. Who watched one examine me and fawn over my excellent posture etc… That one guy walked over, as the guy if he doesn’t notice something, chiropractor doesn’t see it, until refit basically says “there’s scoliosis right there!” and asks me to confirm it, which I do.

    Fake chiropractor goes “well, how about that?” – I ask the new guy “are you a chiropractor?” – he responds “hell no!”

    He was an orthopedist visiting a friend. A real doctor, in other words.

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