Exactly – I find it fascinating how all the Bernie Fans are just pretending this interview didn’t happen, and how we hear absolutely nothing from them about this.

Not only would Hillary be getting creamed if she gave answers like this, but I’d be among the first to point that out – yet, all we get from Berners is *crickets* and “yay, Wisconsin!”

Sorry kids, but the polish is rapidly coming off from your guy, under the most minimal scrutiny.

Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin called out the media for a “double standard” when it comes to Bernie Sanders Tuesday, arguing that his opponent Hillary

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  1. Where’s his taxes?

    Info about Panama investments, banking, also have surfaced.
    Buying two new apartments, three new Audi’s, etc.

    Does he have Alzheimer’s?

    Or just playing dumb?

    According to Center for Responsive Politics and Money Nation data:

    Bernie Sanders Net Worth January 2016: $2,400,000
    Bernie Sanders Net Worth August 2015: $528,014
    Bernie Sanders Net Worth May 2015: $440,511
    Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2014: $330,408
    Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2013: $330,506
    Bernie Sanders Net Worth 2012: $460,506
    Net Worth 2011: $308,005
    Net Worth 2010: $429,004
    Net Worth 2009: $105,003
    Net Worth 2008: $219,504
    Net Worth 2007: $345,503
    Net Worth 2006: $188,504
    Net Worth 2005: $128,001
    Net Worth 2004: $115,501
    @BernieSanders + Todd Devine + Jeff weaver have invented the perfect cash cow machine RUN for POTUS….They are milking the Sheeple @CNN

    @SenSanders campaign is using a Wall street BOILER ROOM model in the fund raising customized by Todd Devine… They get % of receivables

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