Wait, doesn’t this work the opposite way as well? Business’ that feel solidarity with those being maligned, can also refuse service to Christians – and they should. It would send a definite message, if McDonalds, Starbucks, and other national chains exhibited signage that they reserve the right to serve Christians.

#BoycottIndiana has been trending since Gov. Pence signed an anti-LGBT law on Thursday. Big companies, major celebrities, athletes and religious organizations are boycotting the state. See article …

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  1. Well, if the religious claim that not giving service to someone is their ‘religious right’ then it should be equally easy for someone to claim that Holy Noodliness of the Flying Spaghetti Deity does not allow providing service to those that are Christian.

  2. Easy to disentangle yourself from logic – pretend you’re a looney tunes character, and interacting with other looney tunes characters. See, easy.

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