Brilliant comment that I simply must share: “What has Barack…

Brilliant comment that I simply must share:

“What has Barack Obama done that gets so many people angry?”

“He had the un-mitigated gall to be a Black man who beat two Republican candidates. Furthermore, he had the bad sense to be articulate, a faithful husband and good father. Moreover, he unpatriotically was able to stop our soldiers from being killed in the Middle East while saving us 30 – 50 billion dollars a month.

It was bad form for him to kill Osama bin Laden seeing as how the previous Administration was unable to do it. In addition, he made the mistake of saving the economy from falling into depression.

But worst of all, he took Jesus at his word and treated all people, including gays, women, latins, Blacks and whites the same as he would have wanted to be treated.

It was clearly a major transgression for him to try to fix the broken health system in America. In addition, he foolishly gained the respect of our Allies, something the previous administration worked assiduously to destroy.

Finally, he made the unforgivable error of trying to protect the environment and save the planet from climate change, something we absolutely CANNOT have.

The Republicans are correct — this madman MUST be stopped.”~Jay Bazzinotti –

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