History was going to judge him and vindicate him, right? 😉

By any standard, it’s difficult to find any president who did more harm in more ways and left the country in worse shape than this man did.

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  1. Bush was handed a direct brief on the dangers of Al Quaeda and the need to continue going after Bin Lade. He tabled the brief and ignored it.
    Bush was being told of an impending planned event by Al Qaeda by the FBI chief, yet wanted ‘no bad news’, and ordered that he no longer be made available to the FBI chief.
    Bush was given the confirmed location of Bin Laden several times, and decided to pass on taking any action.
    Oh no, Bush contributed greatly through complacency to 9/11 happening, and had every opportunity to stop it.

  2. “The guys who led to the civil war should come ahead of him at the very least.” – they also don’t happen to be alive anymore, and aren’t touted by their echo-chambers as being ‘the bestest presidents ever”

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