Every time some dope tells me their religion is ‘the fastest growing one’, I smile. That’s all you can do when dealing with willful, childlike, ignorance.

By Víctor Herrero

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  1. The older generations cling to traditions – newer generations discover that the religion doesn’t actually provide the answers it claims to.

    The same thing is happening all over the Middle East – the fastest growing belief is lack of belief (or, apostasy) – you just don’t hear it that much, because the punishment for apostates is still death, incarceration, or torture, in that region.

  2. Plus, it’s accelerating – so, at some point, it will reach a momentum. That’s what most of the organized churches are deathly afraid of.

  3. When pressed (either Muslim, or Catholics – both make the same claim) it inevitably comes down to both using birth rates – in other words both mistakenly assume their number of newborn will be, or remain, with their religion once they develop self-awareness, become adults, and/or get educated.

    In most cases that’s not the case – so their birth rates only contribute to the growth and spread of atheism. Quite a dilemma for them, and using threats and fear only exacerbates the losses.

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