Client was bought out, and the purchasing company, very large…

Client was bought out, and the purchasing company, very large corporation, has their own ‘IT specialists’ that they outsource (of course).

Top people.

It took them 3 weeks to ignore and not see all of the emails I sent them with necessary credentials for the email migration (i.e., in 3 weeks they have done nothing, while claiming they were having problems – server logs are a bitch)

Then, when they asked credentials questions, I knew they never even tried to log in in 3 weeks.

So, they start the migration. To office 365, of course. I tell them to use my imapSync perl script. They decide to use ‘top notch Microsoft gui tech’.

They ran 4 mailboxes simultaneously, melted down CPU utilization of the server, overheated it, it shut down, and froze all operations. Also pretty much what I told them NOT to do – and the thing I asked them to do, to tell me when they will start this migration, they didn’t do. Of course.

Same guys that managed to configure 3 of the accounting PCs, and wipe them clean – and then didn’t know what to do about a backup (when I wrote them, also weeks ago, to let them know where on the networked drive all the PC backups reside). It’s been 3 days now, and they still haven’t restored any data.

Morons. Corporate. Par for the course.

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