Similar articles are going around, some of them about equating ‘Saudi Arabia’ with ‘The Brutal and Despotic Crown Prince’ – and, as usual, bringing up facts appears pointless.

The problem with Americans (aside from a general lack of emotional maturity issue that I have already pointed out), is that reaction to complex social and political situations are usually governed by mindless knee-jerk dogmatic responses – even amongst normally intelligent, educated liberals.

The situation in Saudi Arabia isn’t even particularly special – over in Thailand, the military overthrew the government in 2014, and Americans lost their shit decrying and condemning this ‘affront on democracy’.

… all the whole completely neglecting to look at the situation in context – that the ‘legitimate’ and ‘democratically elected government” was a sham, corrupt to the core, and consistently paid off voters (with real money) to vote for them, and that the Prime Minister and his cronies were busy enriching themselves and actually usurping democracy, by posting puppets for the prime minister in subsequent ‘elections’ and getting them elected, and thus further eroding the democratic system. (ironically enough, that prime minister, Thaksin, ‘won’ by appealing to the uneducated, conservative, lowest class of workers with the equivalent of “Make Thailand Great” slogans… sound familiar?)

The Junta that took over since 2014 has resulted in there being no more riots, no more people dying, a general state of peace, and consistent social and economic improvements (just this week they passed a law making graft by politicians punishable by death).

… but, of course, Americans are still screaming for “restoring democracy” and “restoring the legitimate government” – I’ve had this talk with several friends, and surprisingly when given the socio-political background and facts, they reluctantly agreed that the current status quo is an improvement, and that maybe a military coup was the best choice for Thailand (also, the military has vowed to restore elections, giving a date as one year from now)

Another similar situation is related to the US and Guantanamo Bay — “CLOSE IT UP” and “GET RID OF IT”, being the regular battle cries of Liberal minded people with regards to Gitmo.

While I support for the US to have and maintain a place like Gitmo.

Because you only have TWO choices, when it comes to this issue:

– secret, invisible, torture prison in Laos or other non-existent places, with no accountability and zero disclosure.

– Guantanamo Bay, where we have transparency, we know who is being kept there, there is a legal limit on how long they can be kept, and we know that the place exists and where it is.

Of those two options, guess which one is preferable? 😉

… and this brings us to the situation with Crown Prince Salman and how, likewise, Liberal-Minded Americans are losing their shit, and gleefully give lip service and embrace ignorant, biased articles like the one posted in the OP, while throwing words like ‘despot’ “brutal tyrant” around, without so much as bothering to investigate and look at context.

Yes, 5 years for online satire seems extreme … until you consider that the prior penalty for this was death, and the religious police wasn’t accountable. This, on the other hand, is a statute in a body of laws, that can (and will) be changed and altered.

The Crown Prince is working to reform and abolish all these things people decry, yet some voice (ignorant voices) are calling for the ouster of the “brutal” Crown Prince – which, undoubtedly would usher back all the religious oppressive rules, for another 30 years.

This is the kind of emotional excitement and denial of facts that has buoyed Bernie Sanders into a national spotlight, because these same people love to hear pretty words, and can’t be bothered to do the minimum research of context and background.

Why is that?

(I have no doubt someone will chime in right away) (usually Arsalan Ibrahim, who will then lecture us ad nauseam how familiar he is with that culture from having read about it)

“Content that ridicules, mocks, provokes and disrupts public order, religious values and public morals” will be punished, the public prosecutor warned.

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