6 minutes in, and I haven’t laughed as hard – except it wasn’t the kind of “Damn, that’s good comedic writing” laughter. It was more the “Oh boy, this is pathetically, embarrassingly written by people who have zero clue about *ANY* technology” type of laughter.

Sadly, I won’t be giving this show even the customer 5 viewings to gauge its quality. 5 minutes was enough.

More than enough.

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  1. Oh, actually, it shouldn’t be hard getting the science right AND makimg the procedural be exciting. It’d just require a brain, and an attention span exceeding a gnat’s – both of which, seemingly, are in short supply over at the CSI production offices.

    On par with HACKERS. Damn, you nailed it!

    If their bar would be SNEAKERS instead of HACKERS, they’d actually have a decent show. Aside from getting the tech right, it’s about having characters and writing the audience likes. This show has neither.

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