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  1. The USA has established normal diplomatic relations with Cuba, as of 9:30am today. The embargo, as far as we know it, is pretty much over.

    Obama will be known as the President to have ended the Cuban embargo, and normalized relations with Cuba. I can’t wait for the Conservatives going batshit over this – because, after all, the USA doesn’t deal with any Communist countries, ever (*cough* China *cough*)

  2. “This is why I love being a Catholic.” – Sorry, Debbie, you don’t get to hide behind the ONE cool pope, who actually does a good job, and claim that this is what is so wonderful about being catholic.

    This opens you up to being asked if you also love being catholic for all the grave misdeeds prior popes have done, and how much hurt and damage the Church under their rule has done. Do you “love being catholic” for their actions as well? 😉

    See, that knife cuts both ways.

  3. It’s much more mature to just say “See, that’s why I love this pope” (which is what I say, with a straight face), because it would give proper credit to the man.

  4. Francis is a worthy successor to JPII – bringing both his kindness and love to the papacy, but also a sharp, smart mind with a definite plan!

  5. Francis seems to emphasize both cleanIng up the holy house, and focusing the Pharisees on the actual message that they are supposed to be preaching and loving (ref: the downfall of the ‘Bishop of Bling’, and the transfer of the American archbishop to ‘librarian of Knights of Malta’).

  6. That wasn’t the question – and you are sticking your head in the sand, by refusing to even consider a hypothetical possibility.

  7. What if he felt that *certain* Church teachings no longer reflected the core values of Christianity or Catholicism, and feels they should be changed? Similar to the quote by the Dalai Lama I shared a while back, why should the pope not be able to perform the same sort of reform. Has the church never been changed, or reformed? Ever?

  8. You evaded, as usual, the relevant question.

    You assert “The church does not change with the times” (which, if true, would be a frightening statement right there), while ignoring the question of “Has the church never changed, or been reformed?”

    Really, there have never been any reformations? (hint: Council of Trent, before you continue any further).

  9. As a sidenote – it’s amazing how alike your statements are to islamic statements (“the q’uran is unchanged and will never change”)

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