Demand for the gills of manta and mobula rays has…

Holy Aesculap – when are these fucking primitives finally going to stop picking yet another endangered animals for their fucking ‘magic cures’ – these primitives are worse than the homeopaths (who at least just sell their customers super expensive water).

Demand for the gills of manta and mobula rays has risen dramatically in the past 10 years for use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), even though …

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  1. They will stop, if they are made to… permanently.

    Seriously, it’s almost always these same uneducated fucks in third world shitholes like China…

  2. “The country has like a ignorant hive mind mentality that just consumes resources without regards to anything really” – exactly.

    One approach is for the more educated and influential Chinese to attempt to name and shame people that do this, or to bring more humiliating public attention to it (Jackie Chan tries to do that, for example) – though, of course, if it gets to public and vocal, then Chinese nationals get involved, claiming it ‘disrespects chinese culture’

    No, you know what disrespected chinese culture? Dumb, uneducated fucks that kill endangered animals to exctinction because their magic puppies shaman told them it’d give them a stiffie. Castrate everyone that stands in line for such ‘remedies’, now that would be a good start.

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