Dread swept through the archaeological world Thursday with the Islamic…

Here we go again.

I’ll make an educated guess what the civilized world will do about it, or to protect these archeological sites.

NOTHING (as usual)

Dread swept through the archaeological world Thursday with the Islamic State’s capture of Palmyra in Syria, placing one of the world’s most treasured sites for ancient history at risk for looting or destruction.

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  1. Well said, Jakub.

    Why do you go to extremes, Gary, on this? Strategically, this can be protected without loss of life (well, civilized loss of life), and just mercilessly lobbing cruise missiles or drones at the locations of these guys.

    That, and using the Syrian military.

  2. Actually, nationbuilding would have been smart and workable, had it actually been done. The only thing that was built was Halliburton’s coffers.

    Investing heavily, a la Marshall plan, into afghan and Iraqi infrastructure rebuilding, along with small business and micro loans to motivate economic expansions and growth, would have worked.

  3. Yep, pretty much what David said – of course, the whole concept of valuing cultural heritage and ‘saudi arabia’ are mutually exclusive concepts.

    Those heritage sites will all be gone, for good, before long. I’m am partially of two minds regarding that.

  4. Precisely. Instead of just crushing them, all relevant players are pretending ISIL doesn’t exist.

  5. It’s easy blaming the U.S. for sectarian violence that goes back thousands of years. So the U.S. now has a time machine?

  6. Oh, ok. Valid point. There’s nothing wrong with war or occupation, the issue is how the aftermath is handled.

    Furthermore, go watch the movie THE HORNET’S NEST

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