I assume these are the same parents that refuse vaccination on the grounds that vaccines “aren’t sufficiently tested”, yet have no qualms about applying untested, dangerous, and ridiculous “miracle bleach enemas” to their children.

FDA calls the Miracle Mineral Solution product “dangerous” and “potentially life threatening.”

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  1. Seems legit – nothing concrete and no convictions after years. Ugh.

    This kinda thing is enough to justify an olde style lynching of such people.

  2. Paul Cook: “because they might try draining all the blood out of the kids” – I really hope none of these nutcase reads this thread. You’ve just given them an idea….

  3. Gwyn : “they think they are detoxifying with a chemical approved by the government for large-scale industrial use” – while, I’m sure, these same idiots oppose the use of Fluoridation because a chemical approved by the government for large-scale industrial use. 😉

    “some have multiple autistic children at home” – Hmmmm, parental stupidity appears to be a consistent correlation. It’ll be a great day when we are able to tag the genetic component responsible, and it will mean that parents that have autistic children will only have themselves to blame for their kids’ autism.

    Personally, I would welcome a prenatal test.

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