“You’re just making up lies”
“It’s just Sanders Derangement Syndrome”
“Let it go, she won…”

He’s getting ready for a repeat of 2016, and when that happens, those of you that suffer from the “real Derangement Syndrome” (ie blind loyalty to Sanders) will never hear the end of it.

For all the hype over $27.50 donations, Sanders was less than forthcoming about his finances in his 2016 campaign.

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  1. “According to OpenSecrets.org, the Sanders campaign purchased at least $83,000,000 in media time from Old Towne, giving its employees a 15% commission on expenditures, split with campaign manager Tad Devine’s firm, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh. In addition to Devine, we know that two other people profited from the shell, Barbara Abar Bougie and Shelli Hutton-Hartig. According to a detailed Slate article from 2016, Bougie and Hutton-Hartig are Canal employees who had previously worked with Sanders on his first Senatorial campaign in 2006 with their firm Abar Hutton Media. While we know Devine and his firm profited at least $10 million for their services, the amount paid to Bougie and Hutton-Hartig remains unknown.”

  2. “This is not the first time Sanders has come under fire for shady money dealing. In 2006, his Republican Senate opponent, Richard Tarrant, accused Jane Sanders of profiting off of Sanders’ media buys during his last two congressional campaigns. While Jane’s name does not appear on the contracts in those campaigns, we do know that her daughter from a previous marriage, Carina Driscoll, received $65,000 for her work, and that Jane’s ad buying companies both used the address of their home in Vermont. None of this is technically illegal, but it does look shady, especially taken in light of Sanders’ future attacks on Hillary Clinton for her speeches on Wall Street.”

  3. These are the relevant portions of this article that folks like Otto will ignore, while claiming there there is absolutely no proof that Sanders friends or family members profiteered off his campaigns – or that there was nothing remotely unethical about a campaign that spends more money than it declares taking in.

    All because some people just like what he says, and like his “message” – which is exactly what Trump supporters keep saying, and which makes these types of closeted Sanders supporters (or “progressives” like long unfriended Michael Heister) no different from the Trump supporters (or Trump) they claim to hold in disdain.

    There is no point in even attempting dialogue with them regarding these politics – they would rather see Trump (or Republicans) win another 4 to 8 years, if they can’t get their magic pony.

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