The interesting possibility here is, that if his is true, it would indicate that self-awareness and consciousness made prior, earlier, appearances, before it evolved and ran away with homo sapiens.

It just goes to show that what we consider ‘consciousness’ isn’t particularly unique to us humans, and in fact could have preceded us by millions of years.

For decades, paleontologists have puzzled over a fossil collection of nine Triassic icthyosaurs (Shonisaurus popularis) discovered in Nevada’s Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park. Researchers initially thought that this strange grouping of 45-foot-long marine reptiles had either died en masse from a poiso…

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  1. Valid point, Timothy – hence my use of *IF* in my OP comment 😉

    Considering that consciousness is ubiquitous in nearly all animal species, I’ll maintain my postulate that consciousness (even if just rudimentary) in prehistoric animals could have predated human consciousness by hundreds of millions of years.

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