It’s odd that all we get from the fervent Sanders supporters about these sort of incidents is *crickets*, and pretending it didn’t happen.

For the third time this year, the Feds have caught Bernie’s campaign finances with its pants down. At what point does the Sanders campaign excuses start to sound like “I’m not a crook?”

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  1. It’s along with dailynewsbin, etc… The excerpts from the FEC are genuine, though, and this same story has been in several other sources as well.

    Fact is, $10+ million of unexplained donations showed up, attributed to a span of 24 hours, from the same zip code.

    Fact is, this is the third time the FEC points out irregularities, and Sanders ignores it.

  2. The options really are:

    – incompetence from his campaign, despite the technology for running this clean and avoiding such issues existing (Hillary is using it, and the DNC has a system they also use – so if Bernie uses ‘his own’ system, and it screws up that bad … well, QED)

    – dishonesty from his campaign – they know where the money comes from, and they are trying to brush it under the carpet, and are dragging their feet hoping to score more victories, because the FEC comes down on them like a wall of bricks.

    – dishonesty from the right, attempting to load him down with illegal contributions, so they have some ammo in case he were to win the nomination, or a Koch ploy to lend mor support to Hillary. Take your pick.

  3. The. It’s consistent answer from his supporters that I have heard so far was “why does it matter?” and “maybe you care about all that, but I don’t”

    Mind you, these are the same people who go batshit insane over Hillary receiving any donations.

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