These hearings are just theatre, as Mcconnell has already guaranteed, in a conversation, that Kavanaugh will be confirmed. That’s why Kavanaugh hasn’t stepped down yet, because he was guaranteed to be confirmed. He knows he is safe.

Get rid of McConnell, for good, and the Republican house of cards collapses. He is the target. He should be the target of any long term strategy – but both the Democrats, as well as Liberal voters, neither grasp that, or understand issues of strategic importance. Sadly.

Ford says Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. On Thursday, she is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the allegation.

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  1. 2) How often does Mitch go to Church? There are no records of him attending Church. It’s almost as if he …. DOES NOT LOVE JESUS.

  2. In other words, unseating him should not prove to be much of a problem — the problem is that there are no suitable opponents.

    – Blue/Democrat opponent. Won’t get elected, not ever, just because the good ole’ boys will never vote for a Democrat. Look at Allison, the lady that ran against him twice, and who was likable and popular. Didn’t win.

    – So, what we need, is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. A firebrand Republican candidate, who preaches right-wing rhetoric louder than McConnell. Someone who wants to MAGA, and preaches America First.

    – Such a candidate would get elected. Then he can move to Washington and …. do nothing.

    Ironically, the Democrats need a similar candidate in Vermont.

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