From Darryl Touchet’s wall – this is probably the coolest…

From Darryl Touchet’s wall – this is probably the coolest solution to this problem from an organization, ever:

Our apartment complex is paying for our dogs to be DNA tested so that they may properly identify the dog feces of those who don’t clean up after their dogs. Yes, it is required. Coolest thing ever! Love it. I will now have a genetic breed profile of my dog.

Dear Residents,
Thank you for your continued residency at Paces at The Estates! We are glad you have chosen to make this place home. In an effort to continue improving your stay with us, please take a moment to read this letter for the betterment of the property.

After a thorough investigation of options, we have come to a decision to implement a new program: Poo Prints. This is DNA testing for dogs so that we may find out with 100% accuracy who is not scooping up after their pets. You are responsible pet owners that are tired of stepping in someone else’s dog mess! The handful of owners that choose to leave this “business” on the grounds will now no longer be able to do this.

We are going to make this process fun and painless! We will provide dog treats and goody bags. With your free pet registration you will have the following benefits:

Positive proof of ownership through DNA technology.
Lost and Found service through DNA technology.
Pet Medical Information storage space.
A pet genetic profile for each pet registered.
Photo storage for pictures of your pet.
Membership to Dog Facebook.

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