Here’s the problem – tolerance and avoiding persecution is a two way street. The Muslim community has to do a lot more than point fingers and cry “we are being persecuted unfairly”, considering that Islamic extremism and the horrible acts it commits has emerged and been fostered by them.

Sure, some Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders *are* speaking out about and against extremism, but a LOT more needs to happen to send the proper message that this kind of corruption of their culture is NOT to be tolerated.

Otherwise, anti-Islamic sentiment will keep growing, again, out of the inaction of the Islamic culture. Sadly.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck made an appearance at a Berlin rally organized by Muslim groups Tuesday to oppose the growing tide of anti-Islamic se…

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  1. What do you mean about “certainty”?

    The difference is that the Anders Breveks of the world commit their crimes because they are bats hit crazies – while Islamic terrorists do their thing because they have been radicalized and motivated by ‘holy men’ of the Muslim faith.

    I don’t see any, but the most extreme cases, where christian preachers deliberately radicalize nut cases that claim Christ made them do it (abortion clinic bombers come close, though).

  2. I think a better metaphor would be the total silence from the Catholic Church regarding what their African brethren church leaders are doing, in the very name of Catholicism – ie witchcraft stonings, lgbt legitimized killings, ‘demon’ killings – all straight out of the Middle Ages, all with the implied blessings of the vatikan, which sits idly, silently, while counting the African kids amongst the ‘saved’.

  3. As such, I hold both both these radicals African archbishops and priests (that engage in murder) are well as those along the ladder of the hierarchy hierarchy responsible as well as in disdain, no different than what I points towards Muslim that send idly by, with lackluster condemnation, while terror is being sown in their names.

  4. As a further example – whenever violence happens in the world, including committed by Christians, the Pope speaks out about it and condemn it. After the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, what’s the first think King Abdullah of Saudi did? Made sure that a man was condemned to 10 years of weekly floggings — for ‘blasphemy’.

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