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  1. So, now, after having to drag it out of you, we discover that you insurance under Obamacare would break down to roughly $200 a person. A premium that would otherwise not be achievable under regular insurance.

    Suddenly, it doesn’t seem that expensive anymore, once you drag the facts out in the open.

    The costs per visit and per specialist are also extremely low, compared to what those costs would be for the uninsured.

    … and thus, your entire prior assertion falls apart, does it not?

  2. There are a lot of things that are good about Obamacare – aside from the coverage for pre-existing conditions, that children are covered under their parents’ plans until they turn 26, but there is also no-cost coverage for preventive care, and mandatory no-cost coverage for birth controls and procedures, and of course, that the competitive nature of the exchanges forces lower costs of coverage for individuals.

  3. Deborah: “The less money you make, the less the plans cost” – that’s kind of the whole purpose behind Obamacare – it’s about providing insurance for those who don’t have it and/or who couldn’t afford it, previously.

    If you currently have insurance provided by your insurer, or private insurance (that complies with the law – i.e. a legitimate insurer), you retain that plan, and keep being insured.

    … and if you, for whatever reason, lose that insurance, you now don’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions or being priced into insolvency.

    That’s a good thing, I would think?

  4. “and the coverage for that high premium is very poor.” – how so? It would have to provide the legally minimum mandated coverage, which is extensive.

    Finally, how much is your present coverage, and who provides your present health coverage?

  5. “Also, I have a lot of friends who were not able to “keep” their coverage” – yes, because their plans were most likely by dodgy underwriters that didn’t comply with the law. Dodgy insurance was a big business before Obamacare.

    Not a single I know that had legitimate coverage has lost theirs.

  6. Yes, a lot of the big insurance carriers that provided legitimate coverage did provide a certain amount of no-cost preventive coverage.

    Now, they all do. 😉

  7. The other advantage of Obamacare is that there are caps on the maximum charges, *and* that an insurer can no longer drop you after you reach a maximum cap for treatment.

  8. Again, since you and your family are covered by the employer’s insurance, you have the exact sort of coverage that protects you and doesn’t require Obamacare – while at the same time Obamacare now provides you with additional coverage and benefits that the employer has to provide. So, technically speaking, you *are* being helped by Obamacare 😉 LOL

  9. Deborah: “I just think to mandate that everyone carry the insurance at all times might be hard for some families” – technically, no different than the mandated automobile insurance that we are all required to carry in California (and other States) – additionally, as you have pointed out, the less money people have, the cheaper the insurance premium becomes, due to subsidies that Obamacare provides – all the way down to $65 a month (though averaging around $150/month).

  10. What is your point? That is the nature of taxes.

    The military doesn’t pay for aircraft carriers, the taxpayer does.

    Likewise, what about the subsidies that the conservatives in govt regularly extend to large industries, like oil companies, or to the extremely rich? Those subsidies are also paid by taxpayers.

    Your ‘objection’ to Obamacare subsidies being paid for by taxpayers is ridiculous, unless you equally object to everything else taxes pay for – like Medicare, Social Security, etc…

    Furthermore, The General Accounting Office (GAO) has recently confirmed that Obamacare actually results in a lowering of the kind of healthcare costs that taxpayers had to previously shoulder — yes, you might not have been aware of it, but when uninsured people receive treatment in clinics and hospitals and don’t pay their bills, the taxpayers pay for them — expect that when that happens, the taxpayers pay a LOT MORE for them than under Obamacare.

  11. Deborah: “I only hope that there isn’t mass waste going on. I’ve known several people who work for the government and that is always a problem.” – seeing as how this is a govt program, waste is unavoidable (like the price they paid to develop the website, which is insane), but the more salient question is if it works (yes, it does), and it it manages to improve things (yes, it does) – which is a lot more than can be said for pretty much any program the GOP has been pushing or supporting for the past 12 years.

    Obamacare has a long way to go (the ultimate goal should be the single-payer option), but it’s a good start.

    Now, of course (speaking of waste) the GOP goons led by TurtleNeck and Boner are back to trying to repeal it (which has wasted over $50 billion so far, counting shutdowns…. now THERE is real waste, yet where’s the outrage!?)

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