Guess what, gang?

I’m back. Slightly more serious this time – atrial fibrillation.

Woke up to heartbeat all over the place, from 70 to 180, and no sign of abating. I went back to the ER.

This happened around 1:00am. I woke up around that time, after passing out earlier, and felt “odd”. Apple Watch and my blood pressure monitor alerted me to “irregular heartbeat”.

More direct measurements confirmed that, and I chose to return to the nice people at the ER – who, through judicious IV chemical applications were able to convert me back to regular sinus rhythm around 6:00am.

They now took me off the IV drip, gave me a pill version of this, gave me a shot of blood thinner, and keeping me under observation.

I’m fine for the time being.

Just weird experiences lately.

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