@Heather Atkins — insists on calling illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants”…

@Heather Atkins — insists on calling illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants” and insists that unlawful “presence” isn’t illegal. Also, points out that most ‘undocumented’ immigrants enter the country legally.

I point out that by entering the country legally, these individuals actually ARE documented, and that by violating their visa (ie overstay, or misrepresentations) they ARE in violation of our laws, which makes them ILLEGAL by the very metrics she applied.

So, then I ask why is it that she insists on the verbal gymnastics of calling such people “undocumented”, when they are documented, and clearly unlawful.

Yep – you can guess what happened next.


Oh yeah, Heather, you really showed me the logic and strength of your arguments – dumbass!

Overall, good riddance.

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  1. It’s almost enough to start a column a la Jim Wright, powered by the intellectual ineptitude of some of the hanger ons that I am dragging along…

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