Fascinating, but a tad over-analytical.

She is staying stuck in NY, because she is estranged from her husband, and she prefers not to be in the same space, unless absolutely necessary.

Far more telling than her not moving into the White House is that, since his inauguration, Trump hasn’t been to his ‘home’ in a New York City a single time. Not once.

For a guy who declared that he would be staying in Trump Tower after the election, this is strange behavior.

Since he finds the time to head to Mar-A-Lago every weekend, it’s not like he doesn’t have the time to visit his wife and young son.

Instead, he flees to Florida, every weekend – avoiding his ‘home’ in NYC.

Surprised no one has picked up on that, yet everyone concentrates on Melania not moving into the WH.

Her twisted reality and why she’s still in New York.

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