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  1. Long history of Iran directly threatening and promising to destroy Israel, a direct neighbor.

    Long history of Iran directly supporting global terrorist activities. Would you like them to supply nukes?

    Long history of Iran declaring the US to be their enemy, ‘satan’ and holding Americana hostage.

    That’s good enough to slam them and restrict their abilities to want nukes.

  2. Part of the NPT is subjecting themselves to inspections – which Iran has refused. Hence your argument is invalid.

  3. Again, it’s amazing how you and Guadelupe are surgically ignoring salient points:

    – Iran consistently threatens Israel with destruction.
    – Iran has insisted that military installations not be inspected.
    – Iran has a history of supporting global terrorist groups

    Lastly, what the US has demanded, and what they compromised to (none of those points) are two different things.

    Again, I’m getting tired of arguing in circles, with you and Guadelupe consistently ignoring these points of throwing out strawmen

  4. Ah yes, as usual – everything spoken previously is being succinctly ignored, and you’re back to spouting the same narrative.

    Really getting tired of this shit.

  5. “Bombs on civilians” – uh huh. Yeah, that’s it. I’m done with your consistent lies and misrepresentations.

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