Here you go – in case you encounter rabidly frothing Bernie supporters, post this to them, and ask them to address these issues.

It’s an easy copy/paste to keep on your clipboards.


This is the information you will need to counter Sanders cheerleaders.

Borrowed from a friend who was part of a group that did the opposition research on Sanders. It’s worse than you all think. Spread it everywhere..

• Voted for the same crime bill he attacked Hillary Clinton on, which she did not have a vote. HR 3355 – Omnibus Crime Bill, Bernie Sanders voted- Yea
• Voted against immigration reform. S.1639 – A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform.110th Congress, June 28th, 2007. Bernie voted No. Hillary Clinton voted Yes.
• Voted against marriage equality until fully supporting in 2009. As Mayor of Burlington, he signed off on an evangelical-led ‘We Believe in Marriage Week’ in 1982 – defining marriage as between a husband and wife.
• Voted for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act.
• Voted against Amber Alerts.
• Voted against the Brady Bill five times.
• Voted against CDC research on gun violence.
• The fact that the NRA helped finance Bernie’s re-election campaign in Vermont.
• Voted to dump nuclear waste in Sierra Blanca, Texas and Barnwell, South Carolina.
• Jane Sanders sits on and profits from the Compact Commission that oversees the transfer of nuclear waste from Vermont to other states.
• Voted to protect racist, anti-immigrant vigilante border thugs; Minuteman H R 5441; H.Amdt. 971
• Voted for countless acts of war, including the bills that set up and financed the Iraq war (HR 1585) and continued financing (HR 4613, HR 563, HR 2863). Later approved increased troop deployments (HR 2647) that Hillary voted against. Approved of the summer-long assault against Gaza (S 498). Voted for regime change in Libya (S Res. 85). Bosnia troop deployment resolution (H Res 247). Voted for Iraqi Liberation Act (Saddam Hussein regime change) in 1998 (Hr 4655 and H J Res 114). Approves of air strikes against ISIS, etc. etc. etc.
• Voted against the closure of Guantanamo Bay.
• Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight (HR 5020).
• Had 6 SuperPACs backing his campaign in 2016 [that we know of], of which 3 were GOP SuperPACs.
• Constantly implied Hillary has control over the SuperPACs that were backing her campaign, which is factually false and illegal for a campaign to coordinate with a SuperPAC. Same with those supporting Bernie’s campaign. A candidate has no control over SuperPACs, they are free to endorse and support any candidate they choose, even multiple.
• The fact he does take corporate contributions and he has received millions from all the entities/and employees he attacked Hillary for.
• Was cited for campaign contribution violations six times by the FEC.
• Received giant donations from unknown foreign contributors which the FEC order Bernie to repay.
• Claimed endorsements that actually endorsed Hillary.
• Bernie’s campaign had stolen voter data from Hillary’s campaign.
• Filed a frivolous lawsuit against the DNC over the theft of data his campaign stole, which he admitted to and fired his campaign staffers involved; illegally broke DNC rules and campaign laws.
• Bernie’s campaign staff illegally posed as union workers in Nevada.
• Inflated open caucuses.
• Wrote a rape fantasy essay.
• Claimed Donald Trump’s remarks on abortion and punishing women is a distraction from “real issues”.
• Bernie claimed to have a more progressive record advocating LGBT and Women’s Rights, actual record and accomplishments prove otherwise, Hillary Clinton is more accomplished on both accounts.
• Claimed the Human Right’s Campaign and Planned Parenthood, even Civil Rights hero’s like Congressman John Lewis are the “establishment”.
• Claimed to poll better against GOP candidates than Hillary, Politifact rated claim as False.
• Claimed he was the “People’s Choice” while Hillary was ahead in the popular vote by 3.5 MILLION votes.
• Railed against Superdelegates as “establishment corruption,” in which his top advisor Tad Devine was the architect of the very Superdelegate system in the early 1980’s; then claimed he would win by “persuading”/stealing said Superdelegates from Hillary.
• Tad Devine also represented Monsanto, Phillip Morris, Pfizer, Verizon, Microsoft, as their attorney.
• Paid his wife Jane Sanders YUGE for her work/role in the campaign, while refusing to release tax returns as everything is in Jane’s name, not his.
• Claimed Hillary is dishonest, yet cannot provide a single example; Politifact rated Hillary Clinton most honest candidate among all presidential hopefuls in 2016, including Bernie Sanders.
• Claimed Hillary is an establishment politician, while he has been in elected office for a total of 35 years, Hillary only 12.
• Claimed to be a candidate running on progressive revolutionary change, however, throughout Bernie’s 35 long years as an establishment politician he has not passed one single piece of “progressive” legislation he speaks about ad nauseam; there is no instance of revolutionary change, ever. [And somehow he believes 35 years was not enough time to accomplish any of his current grandiose proposals and believes he will be able to implement all of them in a short span of 4-8 years.]
• Continuously referenced Denmark as an exemplary model for his proposals, yet Danes and the Danish Prime Minister reject his comparisons.
• Grotesquely understates the cost of his proposals, as shown by all economists not directly involved in or sought out by the Sanders campaign.
• Claimed to be running a positive campaign, though that was a blatant lie. As evidenced by coining the unwarranted and completely false phase Trump constantly uses- “Crooked Hillary”. And as everyone is aware, his supporters harassment, threats, blatant lies, willingness and purposefully using Russian propaganda to advance their agenda. All while claiming “purity” and “victimization”.
• Had a campaign that was fueled by hypocrisy, manipulation and opportunism. As evident by every entry above; switching political identities for personal gain; running on the Democratic Party platform all while attacking and bashing Democrats and the Party; etc.
• Bernie used regurgitated Republican propaganda, misinformation, and blatant lies as a campaign tactic against Hillary Clinton.

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