Here’s something new that I’ll start doing over the next few weeks – as some of you may know (and some of you may not), my ‘day job’ is providing Macintosh and Apple consulting services – some of this also includes sourcing and recommending the best new hardware available.

I’m going to start doing the same here, now, as a sort of regular ‘column’ with emphasis on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even more generic PC hardware (warning : I care very little about Windows).

part of this will include product links, usually through Amazon – disclaimer: those will be Amazon Associate links, i.e I will be receiving a small consideration from Amazon in the form of gift card credits for anything you purchase through my links, so please click often 😉 (seriously, that will allow me to buy more of these toys, so I can review and recommend more of them – see how this feeds itself?)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback?

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