Here’s something to consider — dating the history of Robert…

Here’s something to consider — dating the history of Robert Reich, as well as Bernie Sanders. Particularly for those of you claiming that Bernie Sanders fights for universal healthcare.

It’s important to remember how Bernie and Reich bonded. In 1993, NAFTA was Reich’s baby. He was pushing for it really hard. That’s when Hillary was trying to get her healthplan accepted. Reich deeply resented the attention being directed away from his agenda. He was also aware that Hillary wasn’t keen on NAFTA and the edits Bill wanted were likely coming from her objections.

Meanwhile, Bernie had his OWN healthplan in the pipeline, one that wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as Hillary’s and didn’t cover how it would be paid for. He actively trashed Hillary’s plan.

We could have had universal healthcare for decades already, if Bernie had supported rather than attacked Hillary’s plan.

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