…. and that, kids (referring to BernieBots), is what happens when you deliberately stick your heads in the sand, and ignore sources like FiveThirtyEight.com.

There’s no coming back from this – you’ll get one more victory on Super Tuesday (Vermont, and no one cares about that) and that’s about it. There’s no fat lady singing, here…


Hillary has been the dominant frontrunner all along, and South Carolina proves it. In short, cable news has been lying to you.

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  1. Nope, the media has little to do with this. Please, don’t insulate the kids from responsibility for their delusions. The media has little to do with them sticking their heads in the sand while regurgitating BernPoints.

  2. The media just caters to what a story is – delusional, ignorant children are usually an easy mark for a story.

    If those children are of adult age, they have a responsibility to inform themselves, not shout vapid dreams and delusions, particularly when clears and accurate information is being presented to them.

  3. The biggest irony is that those same people complain about the people supporting Trump, yet are no different.

  4. Ditto. It’s just BernBots quoting BernieWins.blogspot.com and claiming it’s a legit source, or glomming onto a single outlier poll and pretending it shows a nationwide trend .. .

    … and avoiding FiveThirtyEight.com like the plague, even when it’s repeatedly brought to their attention.

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