You go, Hillary – would b nice if the Sanders supporters would get absolute, no fact check their constant narrative.

Hillary is calling out Sanders on his months of nonstop lies about her, forcing the media to finally address the issue.

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  1. The fossil fuel money isn’t the only thing he’s lied about, and he and his cultist followers keep lying about.

  2. The relevant portion:

    “Clinton’s 2016 campaign has not accepted any direct contributions from any corporation, oil and gas companies included. That would violate election law. Nor has her 2016 campaign accepted any money from PACs tied to the oil and gas industry.

    So far in the 2016 campaign, Clinton has received about $160,000 in contributions from people who work for oil and gas companies, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But those contributions would not run afoul of the group’s pledge.”

  3. Claiming she takes money from [insert bogeyman industry here] is pretty much a lie.

    By the same metric Sanders accepts the same.

  4. Yes. As a private citizen. In return for services rendered. She gave speeches. She was paid for them.

    Well, the Foundation was paid. The Foundation doesn’t support her campaign.

  5. It’s a lie by placing it in context of her campaign. Innuendo. It’s what Sanders does constantly.

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