Honestly, he looks like he is having fun. Honestly when this is all over, we *will* hear a gracious concession speech from him on election night, and he will be present at the inauguration dinner, and the Trumps and Clintons will continue to be friends after November 8th.

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  1. It appears that Karen is unable to deal with having been wrong on one issue on a different thread, and now feels that she must follow the puerile strategy of stalking me on every other comment-thread, and acting like an ass, while misrepresenting and fabricating ‘facts’.

    Oddly enough, I thought she wasn’t a Republican, but apparently she is aiming to prove me wrong. So, I’ll go ahead and give her a couple of hours to sleep off whatever she is on, but if this continues, it’ll be, sadly, “Sayonara”.

    I do have a double-digit EQ minimum on my wall.

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