I called a BernBot on being unable to explain how…

I called a BernBot on being unable to explain how Bernie hopes to actually implement his various reforms, and changes — because, so far, absolutely not a single one has been able or willing to do so.

So, he shoots back with “Why does Hillary get a pass on making the same promises?”

So, aside from being obviously deflecting, even if that were the case, it doesn’t free him from explaining how HIS candidate allegedly can work his miracles, particularly without any support from the Democrats.

So, can you guess what comes next?

He’s ‘speculating’ on me being a Republican in disguise “because of my wealthy background”. (chortles).

At which point I called him on playing the “shill card” (because that’s what he did – quelle surprise), and the whole thing degenerated into a hate spewing multi-comment diatribe from him starting by calling me a “self-entitled 1% sucking asshole, etc, etc….” — and instantly blocking me. (rolls eyes)

Sad… yet, sadly not entirely surprising, albeit ultimately disappointing.

Farewell @CJ Rozicki – No Loss.

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