I consider it unfortunate that Bernie Sanders supporters have never…

I consider it unfortunate that Bernie Sanders supporters have never actually looked at Sanders’ political past, to recognize that for all his verbal gymnastics, Sanders hasn’t actually ever achieved anything, aside getting re-elected by Vermont voters (hint: Vermont has total population of 650,000, and his main opponents are Libertarian candidates).

Keep that in mind when throwing your vote away. 😉

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  1. The utter cluelessness (or actually examining what I pointed out) strongly illustrates the power of cognitive dissonance in this thread.

    I said to look at his record and the nature of his election victories.

    I bet any amount that not a single of you dissenting Ng voices did even bother making the smallest effort to look at any of that since you became KFC fanboys.

    Not even one peek.

    … and that, my friends, is how elections are lost for the good side.

  2. Like I said, Jon, I find it fascinating how those who think like you completely refuse to look at Sanders’ background and career, and equally refuse do the same with Clinton. Instead, repeating the stereotypical tropes from both candidates.

    I never mentioned multimillionaires. I never mentioned big corporations. Yet, that’s where you immediately went, because you haven’t actually done what I bemoaned people like you to not have done… and you continue to not investigate further, instead repeating your own unverified narrative.

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