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  1. Again, the keyboard used to be better – maybe they used to have more literary and more well-read people using it while testing, in the past.

  2. The whole point behind the iPhone keyboard is that it ‘knows’ what you meant to type, when you type garbled stuff – thus that xsjlhponea actually is meant to be xenophobia. It does (or used to) analyze the keys you mistype and based on the pattern recognizes what word it should actually display.

    Most of the time that actually still works – it’s just for certain words and acronyms that it should know, it doesn’t — and it no longer learns. At all.

    You used to be able to type a word three times in a row, correcting it twice, and the system would have learned and acquired your word. It no longer does that. No matter matter how often I type CPU, it won’t — dafuq?? It just recognized it, and did what it’s supposed to.




    This didn’t work yesterday.

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